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Member of the GayWeb Free Banner Network


International Gay Rodeo Association
Lists events, schedules and history of the Gay Rodeo Association.
Dennis Kirk Motorcycle Online Store
Apparel, Helment-Eyewear, Tires, Accessories, Fairing and Body -- If you have a bike you probably want to go here....Free Catalogs too!
Gay Com
Chat rooms, The Advocate, News------we all know this place dont we LMAO
Pride Gifs
This site will help you if in need of gifs, buttons, borders for you web pages.
Bi The Way
One of the coolest, if not the coolest, place to assist you on graphics for your web page.........uffda!
Rainbow Icon Archive
A MUST- Find out what the symbols stand for and history behind them--flags, lambda, ribbons------
Free Lesbian Electronic Greetings!
Cards for you to send to the ones you love, or friends and family of the Lesbians in your life.
stickers,jewelry,pins,auto pride, leather pride,accessories, housewares, awareness, videos, CD music and more........
Cher's Official Web Site
*S* what else can I say, this is my weakness ladies.............
Serial Killer Hit List
This site is probably not for most, but if you ever wanted to know about serial killers and what they are about, this is the place to go.......its the 911 in me! LOL
Promoting Lesbian Visibility On The Internet
Resources for Lesbians, Info, News, Links, Publications, Mailing List and more.......
Queer Resources Directory
23,404 files aobut everything queer
Rotten dot com
Anything that is totally unpleasant is here.........uffda
Gay/Lesbian Issues - Human guides, and Human Interests---this site I believe is so great that it is my homepage.
The World's Largest Gay and Lesbian Internet Shopping Catalog.
Family Pride Coalition
This site is for anybody who has children, that lives in our lifestyle.
International Hike Against Hate and Violence
540 mile hike from Billings, MT to Ft. Collins, Co---this site also has hate crimes listed by state
Gay and Lesbian Dating Humor
This site is just a hoot, go here to find out if you think maybe she is a lesbian---ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A site with a mixed sense of humor for almost everything.
Search the Gay Web with this site--it is AWESOME, is all I can say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Parents, Families, and friends of Lesbians and Gays
Family Q
Premier Resource for families headed by gays and lesbians.