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Being Gay isnt always gay!

Ya know it has always personally amazed me that we are referred to as gay! When Webster himself defines the word as 1) "joyous and lively: merry" - 2)"given to social pleasures; as, a gay life"

Now Im not saying those of us who are gay don't relate to joyous and lively, merry life, but how very odd it is that we be labeled that and not allowed to be that by this world. "Given to social pleasures" when we cannot even be allowed to be social in the majority of this world, and to find a place where we can be and have pleasure......then I want to know about it, maybe its just the midwest I reside in!

I live amongest heterosexuals and and don't knock them, why I then wonder do heterosexuals have to knock homosexuals? Do they not understand that all homosexuals are here because we came from heterosexuals? As it is with homosexuals raising children, does not mean those children will grow into homosexuals.......This world confuses me at times, but I guess that is only far, because I tend to confuse this world at times also.

Is it the fact that my hair is short? Nope, cuz it has been long before in the past, and by golly I was gay then too, it just took me longer to get ready to go was all, and cost alittle more in the hair care department of the local groc store. Is it the fact that I have bigger hands then some men? Naaaaaaaa, I dont think that is it either, because they have always been able to fit a ring and not turn the jewelry store heads to bad.....and they have been there for me whenever I needed to call on them to assit me. It must be that I wear mens clothing most of the time.......*shaking head* nope thats not it either or they would have called it "dyke" section in the retail stores instead of "unisex". Hmmmmm, must be because I sleep with other women instead of men......yep, so that is what makes me gay.....or as Webster says "joyous and lively: merry". Guess I can live with that, Lord knows I wouldnt want to live......"depressed and lifeless: sad" go ahead and call me GAY......I wouldnt want to live any other way!!!!!!!!!!!